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Death is different for everyone, but death-care doesn't have to be.

Grave cleaning maintenance services for your loved ones, making grief more graceful


Making grief graceful

Hey, I’m Jay McGregor, a Radio and TV Presenter and the founder of Graceful Graves. I created Graceful Graves after sadly losing my dad in March 2020, when I found myself always cleaning and tidying his grave. I was there so frequently, that other visitors often asked me if that was my job and if I could help them too.

Caring for someone you love doesn’t have to end when they die, but nobody teaches you about death-care. So Graceful Graves is on a mission to change that, by making it modern and more human - by providing mobile grave cleaning and maintenance services for your loved ones as we make grief, more graceful.

A picture of Jay McGregor, founder of Graceful Graves

Our care plans

All plans are inclusive of a before and after clean photograph.
Current availability is limited to London only.


From £120, one-off

Graceful clean and tidy-up ideal for headstones and graves



From £110, monthly

Subscription to a monthly deep clean for headstone and graves



From £440/year

Subscription to a quarterly clean and flower replacement for grave


How do I book?

Once you've placed your booking, one of our Grave Guardians will be in touch with you to schedule a grave clean.

Please be aware that on your very first booking, we require a minimum of 14 days before your desired completion date to give our Graceful Guardians enough time to locate, assess, and report on the grave or memorial before cleaning.

​All future dates will only require a minimum of 7 days before your desired completion date from then on.

For quarterly subscription plans, we welcome you to nominate 4 dates of your choice throughout the year, our most popular options are Birthday, Anniversary, Celebrations and Christmas.

How do I pay for my plan?

After contacting us we will send you an invoice you can pay by either credit, debit card or cheque.

If you pay by card for your subscription plan, we will automatically charge you any recurring payments on the same card.

In which cemeteries are you currently operating?

Our services are currently available across South and Greater London.
We will be rolling out Nationwide across the UK as we continue to expand.

How do I know when my booking is completed?

Once your booking is confirmed one of our Graceful Guardians will locate and inspect the grave or memorial, followed by an assessment to make sure it is safe and able to be cleaned without any further heavy-duty masonry repairs or extensive gardening work.

If there are any issues within the 7 days, our team will contact you for further discussion.

After every booking the Graceful Graves team will email you a before and after picture.

What if I don't know the graves plot number?

We will help accurately locate your loved ones grave, for an additional location fee of £20

Are your Grave Guardians qualified?

Yes! All of our Grave Guardians have qualifications in British Cleaning.

Which flower options do you provide?

We offer a selection of fresh (seasonal) and faux flowers.

Our Graceful Grave guardians can help you choose what is most appropriate for your grave or memorial, based on the time of year, its type, size and location, and any personal preference that you may have from our selections, depending on availability.

All of our selections are carefully chosen based on the appropriateness for UK cemeteries and churchyards.

Flowers are an additional fee - please enquire for specific pricing

Grief is WEIRD.
So let's talk about it

Look, grief is weird. It wears many different faces. It can make you laugh. It can make you cry. It can come at you at off times in the night. Some cultures celebrate death and party for days. Others mourn, send lilies and wear black.

The Grief Club is a podcast hosted by Jay McGregor, radio presenter and founder of Graceful Graves, exploring grief in all its facets.

Every two weeks we will explore grief in a human way, trying to make it more graceful and human, using empathy as a superpower, with our guests, to talk about it.

Because for us grieving is healing.
And when we grieve, together is better.