Don't let funeral flowers cause a headache

Don't let funeral flowers get to your head, you are not the only ones that finds them overwhelming!

August 13, 2022

Funeral flowers can feel like a minefield sometimes, and it can be hard to understand what the represent.

Unless you already know a thing or two about flowers navigating the floral world can feel like a new awakening, especially when you’re in charge of organising a funeral. Flowers can tell stories, highlight relationships, and also add a personalised touch to funeral services and memorials. 

Now this can also depend on the wishes, likes, and taste of your loved one, which can help you and your florist put together the loveliest arrangement rather than just leaving them to it.. Flowers can look so beautiful and who knew they each had different meanings or carried emotions? If you didn’t already, below are some of the most popular funeral flowers and what they mean. 


Lilies are considered the ‘go-to’ flower for any funeral as they represent the rebirth of the soul,  innocence, and purity to match their pure white colour. 


Similarly to lilies, roses are another popular choice due to the variety of colours they come in and their connotations. Red roses usually represent love and grief, yellow roses are for friendship, white roses symbolise spirituality and purity, and pink roses are to express thankfulness. 


Orchids are traditionally pink and white, representing eternal love as well as the greatest expression of sympathy. 


These flowers have varied meanings across Europe, the US, and Asia in the occasions they are used for. Chrysanthemums are mainly used for funerals in European cultures representing honour and sympathy with their pink and white colours. Whereas in Asia they are more popular at baby showers, and in the US they are used to embody truth.


The Hydrangea is often used in funeral wreaths and typically symbolise beauty, grace, and gratitude, with the colours representing peace, love, and harmony 


Carnations are fragrant flowers and another popular choice for sympathy. They also have different colour connotations, such as red for admiration, white for pure love and innocence, and pink representing remembrance. 

Flowers can be a great way to show how you feel when you can’t bring yourself to say the words, and that's completely ok. There are no rules with flowers, whether you're going off colours, style, meaning, or connotation they will still look so beautiful. 

This is just a small insight into the flower world as we haven’t even covered bouquets, wreaths, casket flowers, and more, but if we could give you any tip it would be to find a compassionate florist who you can create a bond with. Make sure they’re willing to take the time to ask you questions about your loved one so they can get a real sense of their personality, character, and likes to translate those details into feelings and flowers. 

With love,

GG x