Our Top 5 Grave Accessories

Yes, graves can be accessorised too! Whatever floats your boat.

August 12, 2022

Graves and memorials don't have to be plain.

Our Grave Guardians visit lots of resting places and memorial spots week-to-week. We enjoy admiring the beauty of the graves we visit while restoring them with a spot of cleaning and a lot of care. We really appreciate the decorative elements of a grave because we know, from experience, that it can be so difficult to decide on what to pick for a loved one’s resting place. It’s no easy feat when you want it to be absolutely perfect and also make sure that you do it justice! So we’ve put together our top five grave decorations and ornaments to help anyone who needs some ideas.

Faux flowers

Artificial flowers are a great way to spruce up any grave, by adding accents of colours that either meant a lot to that person, your relationship, or if you think they just look cute.

These flowers last as long as weathering allows since they're not real flowers, and can come with amazing designs and even special commissions. My dad has had a giant mobile phone, bottle of Wray & Nephews, Liverpool shield, Liverpool scarf, and DAD with headphones attached to name a few; and honestly its because he would've loved these items as they were apart of his life, and also it makes me and our loved ones smile when they see them there.

Engraved plaques

An engraved plaque is a lovely way to leave a message at the grave-side that you wouldn’t necessarily feature on the headstone itself. This can be a personal message that may be a little lengthy but one that you want to leave at the resting place for eternity. You can have these made bespoke to your choice of design, shape and material. We would recommend a stone or slate if you want it to withstand the natural elements and be easy to clean and care for.

Memorial vase

A memorial vase can come in many shapes, sizes and designs! They can also be engraved for that extra personal touch. These vases can hold both real and material flowers to bring a splash of colour to the graveside. They are also a great way of keeping real flowers from the funeral wreaths and flower arrangements alive for a longer period of time to hold the memory of your loved one’s final celebration of life.

Flower planters

A step further from a Memorial Vase is turning the whole grave into a flower planter! This can provide the opportunity to fill the whole space with real or material flowers for a bright and colourful grave design. This is a personal and meaningful idea for the resting place of someone that loved being outdoors and amongst nature during their time on Earth. It can also create a mini memorial garden effect which can be very comforting for anyone coming to visit!


A highly sentimental addition to leave at the graveside is a Memorial Lantern. Much like a Memorial Vase they can be engraved and come in a wide range of designs. This ornament symbolises the meaning of light as a guide through darkness and hope for what is beyond life for your loved one. It’s also a nice sentiment to resemble leaving a light on or lighting a candle for someone you won’t forget! You can now purchase solar powered Memorial Lanterns too so they automatically come on every night when the sun goes down.

Decorative stones

The use of decorative stones can transform a grave into a piece of art. This can be a meaningful choice for someone who was creative and artistic during their lifetime. The possibilities for designs you can create with the decorative stones are endless but they always make a grave look nicely finished and unique. It can also give a similar mini memorial garden look to flower planters and can make a resting place really stand out amongst others. 

We hope this has helped give you some ideas for your loved one’s resting place or in helping a friend with the challenge of this task. If you need any advice on grave decoration, care or maintenance don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team would be very happy to help!

With love,

GG x