The Rise of Social Media Support Groups

Social media can be a surprisingly helpful place

August 12, 2022

Social media can be an amazing place for grief, from communities of support, to banter and memes that only we can get away with!

Social media can be more than just pictures and likes, it can be a place for the creation of communities allowing people to find others with shared experiences and know that they are not alone. The power of this virtual world has very much come to light over the past year. We have seen social media initiate world-wide protests and movements while being the only thing we could rely on to keep in touch with friends and family. During the lockdowns, people have leveraged their social platforms as an escape, for entertainment, to learn new things and to connect with communities.

These communities have been ones people already knew well and were very much a part of before the Pandemic. But in many cases other communities were formed and founded during the lockdowns and more recently as we start to (hopefully) emerge from the worst COVID19 has in store! A community that has sadly seen a huge spike in growth as a result of the virus is one created to support those experiencing loss and grief. We have seen a massive rise in social media support groups for those dealing with grief and this post is dedicated to celebrating and commending some of our favourites.

The Grief Space


“This is a safe haven for grievers”

The Grief Space has a focus on supporting the experience of grief and helping those going through it to understand it better. Founded by Charis Patel, after she lost her Brother to Leukaemia, she has gone on to organise greif talks and provide resources for people who have experienced loss, specifically for young people and siblings.

What’s Your Grief


“Ugly cries, Netflix binges, laughter & creative coping welcome. No rainbows or butterflies”

Founded by Mental Health Professionals Litsa Williams and Eleanor Haley, What’s Your Grief provides support courses to help with grief and loss education while encouraging creative coping strategies such as through their 30-Day Grief Journaling Course.

Spoken Grief


“Spoken Grief is here to unapologetically talk about grief - something so inevitable that touches everyone's life - yet society is quick to shy away from the topic.”

Spoken Grief is a podcast hosted by Shuma Rouf who chats about family loss with the aim of normalising conversations around death. Spoken Grief also has a YouTube channel and anyone can sign-up to be a guest on the podcast to share their personal story!

Grief Network


“A community by and for bereaved young people”

Founded by Rachel Wilson, Grief Network was created to organise meet-ups and events in London for the young person grief community providing support and educational experiences.

The Grief Gang


“The podcast normalising grief”

Hosted by Amber Jeffrey, The Grief Gang is a podcast that warmly welcomes people to a gang they never asked to be a part of aiming to normalise loss and support those going through grief.

Dead Parent Club


“Weekly podcasts to support young adults grieving their parent/s”

Dead Parent Club Podcast is hosted by Kathryn Hooker & Emma Jones who aim to support young adults in their journey with the loss of parents providing support and comfort to people across the world.

Cross Dad Off the List


“Remembering our #deaddad with unfiltered humour & truth about #grief”

Cross Dad Off the List is an Instagram account that shares relatable content in an unfiltered and humorous way for those who have lost their dad or fatherly figure. Created by Hester Cross for support, community and a bit of light-hearted entertainment.

We hope you enjoy these communities and their content as much as we do! We love what they are doing in supporting those experiencing grief and working to normalise death and break down stigma surrounding something we will all inevitably have to navigate at some time in our lives.

With love,

GG x